Planning Documents


Statutory Plans
A statutory plan is a legal document that must go through three readings and a public hearing before it is adopted. Once adopted, there is a legal obligation on the part of both the municipality and the residents to adhere to the plan.

Town Of Onoway NE 27 Structure Area

Land Use Bylaw 712 13

Hierarchy of Land Use Plans 

Land Use Bylaw Map

Municipal Development Plan Report 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment RIN Residential 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Redistrict 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Redistrict 

Inter Municipal Development Plan 


Planning Hierarchy In Alberta 



Non-Statutory Plans
Non-statutory plans are documents or plans passed by resolution. They are often developed to help encourage a certain direction for development or growth in a particular area.

Onoway Community Sustainability Plan 

Onoway Recreation Trail Plan