Bretzlaff Park

Memorial Park for Dennis Bretzlaff

Located at 4601-44 Street

Centennial Park

Located at 5002 Lac Ste Anne Trail

Come enjoy a relaxing break under the Gazebo surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers!

Dog Park

Located at 5300-41 Street


Elks Park

Located at 5000-46 Street


Kids Corner

Located at 4709-47 Street

Ruth Cust Park

Located at 5300-41 Street

Ruth Cust Park is a perfect place to park your holiday trailer or tent for the weekend!  There at no hook-ups but its a nice location with a dog park right there for your fur family!

Shaul Park

Located at 5304-49 Avenue

Swede Moren Park - Ball Park

Swede Moren Park has three diamonds on it and is located behind the Onoway Elementary School and Onoway High School. The complex dedicated in 1993, was a joint venture of the Town of Onoway, Lac Ste. Anne County, County of Lac Ste. Anne Board of Education, Onoway Ball Association and Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation.  The park was named in recognition of Bror Moren who donated the land and was a very good ballplayer in his heyday in the 40s.

For more information about this park please look in the 2010 The Pathfinders, A Community History of Onoway and Rich Valley Districts! (which can be found at the Onoway Museum)