Town Viability Information

July 2018 - the Minister of Municipal Affairs received two separate petitions from Town of Onoway electors.  One petition request that a municipal inspection of the town be condicuted and one petition requests that a viability review for the town be initiated. The next step is that AMA staff need to determine the sufficiency of the petition.  The Town has provided AMA with our tax roll and utility roll information so they can determine the sufficiency.  AMA staff have 45 days from the date the petition was received to report to Minister of AMA on the sufficiency of the petition.

The two petitions that had been forwarded from residents were deemed sufficient.

December 2018 - The Ministry completed the preliminary review and viability screening of the Town and the Minister of Municipal Affairs has reviewed same.   While some issues were noted with respect to the governance and operation of the Town, the concerns identified were not of sufficient severity to warrant a municipal inspection or viability review of the Town of Onoway.

The Town will continue to work with Municipal Affairs, and we look forward to recommendations or suggestions that will improve the operation of the Town.