Pet Licenses

Pet Licenses

Pet Licenses

The maximum number of pets per household in Onoway is Two of any kind (specifically, a person may have two dogs, two cats, two hamsters and two rabbits at the same time but no more than two of each kind of animal at one time).  

No farm animals are allowed except on farms located within the Town.  You must not ride your horses in Onoway except for special events which are required to receive prior approval from Council. 

Dog $50.00 $100.00
Cat $50.00 $100.00

Dog licenses must be purchased once your puppy prior to reaching 6 months of age.  These are valid for the lifetime of the pet and the charge is $50 for a neutered male or spayed female and $100.00 for intact dog.  A lifetime license for an intact dog is $100.  Cats must also be licensed over 12 weeks of age.  The cost is $100 for an intact cat and $50 for a spayed/neutered cat.  Should your pet lose its tag, replacements are $10 per occurrence.


  • Fine for an unlicensed dog is $100. 
  • Fine for dogs running at large, excessive barking, or having more than 2 pets of one kind the fine is $50 for any first offense. 
  • Contact the Community Peace Officer Services Complaint Line 1-866-800-5722 if you have any concerns regarding animals.   


Dog Park

Onoway has a Fenced Dog Park in a portion of Ruth Cust Park. Located at 5300-41 Street.Please remember to pick up after your pet, to make the park enjoyable for everyone.