Water & Sewer

Most homes in Onoway are connected to the Municipal Water and Sewer System. The Water pump house is supplied water by WILD Water and is tested and monitored according to  Provincial Regulations. The Sewage is piped to the Sewage Lagoon Northeast of Onoway, along highway 37.

Utility Customers are issued bills every month which are due by the last business day of each month, after which a 3.5% penalty is levied. All costs for water, sewer, and garbage collection are charged on the Utility Bill. No costs are charged in the property taxes. For system charges on other meter sizes-please contact the Town Office.

Please be aware the Town does not provide Natural Gas or Electricity. You will need to set up separate accounts with a third party to access those services. 

For after hours Water and Waste Water Emergencies, Contact Onoway Water & Sewer Public Works 24 Hour Line 780-974-6427.