Come to Life-Lac Ste Anne County

Come to Life-Lac Ste Anne County

Make your moments come to life in Lac Ste. Anne.

In May of 2021, the Town of Onoway, via its Partners in Progress Steering Committee, launched Come to Life; a hybrid tourism and business attraction campaign designed to showcase the unique live/work/play opportunities that can be found in Onoway and the greater Lac Ste. Anne region – as told by some of the business owners and community leaders themselves.

The Come to Life campaign reflects the Town’s collaborative efforts to provide crucial economic support to our region’s communities during an extended period of challenge and uncertainty.

The campaign features two capstone videos entitled “Wonder” and “Unwind,” inviting viewers to make their moments come to life in a unique and accessible rural destination just west of Edmonton. Longer-length community spotlight videos featuring local business owners and community leaders can be explored on the destination marketing website.


Filmed in different locations in Onoway and across Lac Ste. Anne during the winter, summer and fall months of 2020, these candid and captivating stories are intended to resonate with multiple audiences including visitors and tourists; potential permanent and semi-permanent residents; and outside business interests.

The Come to Life website caters to a wide demographic — from day-trippers, seasonal visitors and prospective community members to entrepreneurs contemplating the County for business activities, is an ever-growing platform to showcase the abundance of beauty, diversity and opportunity that exists within the Lac Ste. Anne region.


Formed in 2018, Partners in Progress is an intermunicipal entity that works to promote the Lac Ste. Anne region and support its economy. The Town of Onoway, Lac Ste. Anne County, and Village of Alberta Beach are members of this collective.

The Partners in Progress Steering Committee meets monthly to consider, plan and implement economic development strategies. Partners in Progress is responsible for successful regional economic development initiatives such as:

  • A regional Economic Development Roadmap
  • A user-managed local business directory (
  • A destination marketing campaign and portal (

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