New Resident Information

Water & Sewer 

Most homes in Onoway are connected to the Municipal water and sewer system.  The water pump house is supplied water by WILD Water and is tested and monitored according to Provincial regulations.  The sewage is piped to the sewage lagoon northeast of Onoway, along Highway 37, here it is processed through four stages before discharge in accordance with Alberta Environment.

Utility customers are issued bills every month which are due by the last working day of each month after which a 3.5% penalty is levied.  All costs for water are charged on the utility bill.  No costs are charged in the property taxes.


System Charge: 15mm or 5/8”meter


 Commodity Charge:
  Per cubic meter or



System Charge: 15mm or 5/8”meter



Commodity Charge:
Per cubic meter or













Solid Waste

GFL Environmental Inc. picks up solid waste every Tuesday, exceptions made for some holidays.  Each property is assigned a 48 gallon cart with a charge of $23.00 per month.    Garbage must be secured in bags or boxes and placed in the garbage cart and the cart placed on the street no earlier than 5:00 pm Monday for collection starting at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday.   Once collected, please remove cart from collection point as soon as possible, no later than by 7:00 a.m. Wednesday.   Residents wishing to haul their own garbage must transport it to the Regional Landfill Site located at 55228 Range Road 35, where there is a charge of $57.50 per tonne.  Please contact the Main Landfill Site at 780-967-3466 regarding specific disposal questions.  The transfer station situated just north of Town is a County facility for County residents only.  If you choose to haul your own garbage, you are NOT exempt from the monthly disposal charge.

Businesses unable to dispose of waste in the garbage cart are required to rent a commercial bin from GFL Environmental Inc. at 780-444-8805 or other garbage collection company of your choice.   


Organics are collected every Tuesday from the beginning of May through October inclusive in the 96 gallon cart with the green lid which is also assigned to each property.  Organic materials are:  vegetable, fruit & egg waste, coffee grinds, grass clippings, small branches, leaves, prunings, garden foliage & weeds.  Place materials directly in cart—NO bags.  Please place your trash cart & organics cart at least 4 feet apart at your pick up point.

Curbside Recycling

A weekly curbside recycling program is operated by GFL Environmental Inc.  Residential customers will see a recycle fee charge of $4.25 on their monthly utility bill.  Please place items in transparent recycle bags , bundle corrugated cardboard under bags and place on the front curb by 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays.  Acceptable items include: mixed paper & boxboard, newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogues, cereal boxes, office paper, pasta boxes.  Clean mixed containers such as milk jugs, milk cartons, tin food cans, glass food jars, rigid plastic containers (no lids), beverage containers.

DO NOT INCLUDE:  Styrofoam, soiled paper, plastic bags, plastic film, bubble wrap, lids, diapers, ceramic, scrap metal or wood, food or yard waste.  NO sharp objects, needles, blades or broken glass. 

Animal Licensing

The maximum number of pets per household in Onoway is two of any kind (specifically, a person may have two dogs, two cats, two hamsters and two rabbits at the same time but no more than two of each kind of animal at one time).  No farm animals are allowed except on farms located within the Town.  You must not ride your horses in Onoway except for special events which are required to receive prior approval from Council. 

Dog licenses must be purchased once your puppy reaches 6 months of age.  These are valid for the lifetime of the pet and the charge is $50 for a neutered male or spayed female.  A lifetime license for an unaltered dog is $100.  Cats must also be licensed over 12 weeks of age.  The cost is $50 for an unaltered cat and $25 for a spayed/neutered cat.  Should your pet lose its tag, replacements are $10 per occurrence.

The fine for an unlicensed dog is $100.  For dogs running at large, excessive barking or having more than 2 pets of one kind the fine is $50 for any first offense.  You can contact the Community Peace Officer Services Complaint Line 1-866-800-5722 if you have any concerns regarding animals.   Animals picked up in the Town of Onoway by the Community Peace Officer will be taken to Parkland County Pound 780-968-8888.

Sideway Clearing

The Town of Onoway requires snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks with 48 hours of a snowfall.  If sidewalks are not cleared, arrangements will be made for the cleaning and the cost will be billed to you.  

Grass Cutting

Residents and owners of all properties are encouraged to keep their properties maintained.  Grass must not be longer than 8 inches in height.  Failure to keep grass cut will result in arrangements for the grass to be cut and the cost will be billed to you.

RV Dump

The RV Dump is now available.  Please be advised that you may use your credit card to pay and/or come to the office to buy a token during business hours.  The cost is $10.00 per dump.  The dump is located at 5204 Lac Ste Anne Trail South (next to the car wash).

Dog Tags

How much is it for a dog tag?

A dog tag is $50.00 for a fixed male/female or $100.00 for natural male/female.  Tags can be purchased at the Onoway Administrative Office 4812-51 Street, Onoway.

What if my dog loses his/her tag?

The cost for a replacement tag is $10.00.