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March 9 2023

Dear Town of Onoway Residents & Businesses,

WE ARE ALMOST THERE, we are extending the time frame for the Internet Speed Tests as we need at least 20 more participants!

The Town is considering applying for funding that would improve Internet Data Speeds up to 100 Mbps for every home and business. The Town is required to take a survey and find out if there is a need for better internet in the community and what data speeds your home is receiving today. If the Town can prove that one home on every block does not have 50 Download and 10 Upload Internet Services, Federal and/or Provincial Funding may be available for our Town.

For the Town to complete the application, we require speed tests completed on every block throughout our Town. If you are willing to participate in a speed-test we require the following information.

-Complete the Speed Test \ Between 9am-4pm or 7pm-11pm

-From your Home Computer or Laptop ( if you have Wi-Fi at home and use an i-pad or phone connected to Data, ensure you turn off your data, so the speed test is just using your Wi-Fi signal, If you don’t you will only get a download speed and it is un-useable)

-Go online to

-On the Opening Screen, Click on the GO button in the Circle

-It may take a couple of moments until both the Download and Upload Speeds to Load

-Then take a Screen Shot from your computer or take a photo with your phone and of the download and upload speeds, as we need to also know your provider, and email the photo with the below information

-If you are doing the test from your home with a mobile phone or tablet, you must ensure you have turned off your data and are using your wi-fi for it to work properly or you will only get a download speed and that won't be useable

-The Screen Shot will show the Provider which we need to know, if you know the upload and download speeds you are paying for let us know that as well if possible.

Please send your Name and Address, Time Speed Test taken, and the Download/Upload Speed Visual to the Town email at:  

E-mail Response must be received Prior to March 31, 2023


With this application we would also like to include Community Letters of support for the Fiber Project, from both Business Leaders and Residents. Click on the link below and you will find a sample Letter that you can copy and paste into your company letterhead date and Sign and Submit to the e-mail in the above directions for Speed Test. Or Residents you can copy and paste into a word document, put the physical address where you did the speed test, date and sign and submit.

Support Letter Sample


Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.


Jennifer Thompson   

Chief Administrative Officer       

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