Legion Medieval Dinner

The Onoway Legion will be hosting a medieval dinner and accompanying medieval competitions the night of June 17, 2017.  The Legion will open at 5:30 pm with dinner being served at 6:30 pm with jousting, sword fighting, javelin throw being just a few of the challenges available for entertainment following the "hands on only" dinner.  Our local blacksmith is forging tongs to allow dinner patrons to retrieve their food from the platters.

Period costumes are optional (and encouraged) and could range from a peasant potato sack, a jesters crown, to a knights shining armour or ladies elegant lace.

Tickets are available at the legion for $20.00 per person (no refunds).  Tickets sales end June 13, 2017.

Please contact Carol at 780-967-0607



Saturday, June 17, 2017